Power Plant Smoke Plume Treatment

The Generating Principle Of White Smoke Plume

When wet flue gas coming from stack contacts with the air in lower-temperature environment, the vapor in the wet flue gas will condenses into the droplets, which will have refraction and reflex to the ambient light. And that is the reason why white smoke plume will look like grey or white and the reason why it is called wet smoke plum.MGGH generally consists of flue gas cooling phase and reheating phaseMedium water usually uses closed circulation design. The closed circulation system let circulating water circulate between cooling phase and reheat phase. The circulating water will be heated by steam or other heat sources and sent back to reheating phase when the system load is low.

                                                                                           Flow diagram of water-medium non-leak type gas-gas heater

Main Technical Features
If set before dust collector, MGGH can improve dust removal efficiency and lower energy consumption of fan because of lower flow of fan, and also can reduce the energy consumption caused by resistance from GGH. 
Overcome the problems of traditional GGH ,like easy to block and leakage of SO2. 
Untreated gas and clean gas are separated completely, no possibility to contaminate clean gas. 
It is more effective to control the temperature of reheated flue gas.


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