ZLD(zero liquid discharge) of FGD Wastewater Spray Dryer Technology by Using High Temperature Flue Gas Before ESP

Process Introduction
When using the spray dryer technology to treat FGD wastewater, wastewater will be atomized through nozzle or rotary atomizer in by-pass drying tower, then will be quickly evaporated by the hot flue gas which has been denitrated and would be sent to air preheater later, the evaporated water will go with flue gas and at the same time the salt compound in the wastewater will betreated separately after dried and collected, or be delivered back to pipeline and captured by ESP.

Technical Features
This technology only uses a small amount of hot flue gas, have small influence on boiler system and no need to do complicated preprocess to wastewater. When the dried ash from wastewater is captured by ESP, it will not affect the integrated utility of coal ash, but solve the problem of solid waste disposal. The whole system has several advantages as follow: simple process, small footprint, easy maintenance (without influence on the main system), low cost for construction and operation.

Jiangyin Zhouzhuang Thermal Power Plant FGD Waste Water Treatment Project 

This project involving 3 units was started from the beginning of August 2017, and put into operation in 2017 November , 2018 January and the end of April 2018.



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