Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is considered a leading technology for reducing CO2 emissions from fossil-fuelled electricity generation plants. We our company has been paying attention to the development and innovation of this field and already did joint research in the filed of CO2 Capture by Chemical Absorption with Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University and State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University have deep involvement in the research and development of  863 program named "CO2 Capture by Chemical Absorption", we also  has built one pilot-scale device with stable operation  in Tianjin  Suburb Northeast Thermal Power Plant.

Laboratory Study
Molecular-Designed Solvents: ~40% higher absorption ability for CO2 and ~30% lower energy consumption for solvent regeneration than MEA. 
High-efficiency Packing: ≥20% higher mass transfer efficiency than common Pall ring packing, means lower cost on facility and operation. 
New Solvent Regeneration Process: The absorbent is regenerated in some kind of hollow-fibre membrane at vacuum state, which can save >30% energy than the traditional thermal regeneration method. 
Process Simulation and Pilot Test: Better processes and lower total capture cost were achieved by the help of process simulation and has been testified in the pilot experimental device, the total energy consumption of which is more than 20% lower than the usual MEA method.

Pilot-Scale Device

This technology has been verified in the pilot-scale device in Tianjin Suburb Northeast Power Plant, and also has been checked and accepted by the experts arranged by Ministry of Science and Technology.  The liquid CO2 product generated by this system can be treated to food grade and sold to market.
Project Name:CO2Capture Industrial Pilot Plant of China Guodian Corporation
Scale:Dinof absorber and stripper ≥200mm; flue gas rate: ~100 Nm3/h
Location:Tianjin Northeast Suburb Thermal Power Plant, Tianjin, China
Time to put into operation: 2011


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