Beijing Longyuan won the bidding of Power Construction Corporation of China Indonesia Bintan Island Alumina Project Self-generation Power Plant Unit #6 seawater FGD system Project

Yisheng Dahua Petrochemical Co., Ltd 3X350t/h CFB heat medium heater seawater FGD system EPC project adopted ISS technology which means integration technology of scrubber and stack.

This project requires that FGD system efficiency should guarantee SO2 concentration is lower than 35mg/Nm3 at the inlet of stack under the condition that the heat medium heater operates under 30%-100% BMCR load. On the condition that the concentration of dust is lower than 20mg/Nm3 at the inlet of FGD system, the concentration of dust can be lower than 5mg/Nm3 after treated by FGD system. This project started from September of 2018, and now it is under construction.


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